Forthcoming Meetings

Wednesday, 8th March, 2023 – Your Life As Art – Jo Slade
2.30pm - 3.00pm at UL Access Campus, Unit J, LEDP, Roxboro, Limerick, V94 A2N6

Jo SladeJo Slade will talk about the life and work of several women poets and artists. She will look at the influences on the development of poetry and art.

As a poet and artist Jo will consider those influences on her practice and how we can all take encouragement from their lives and their achievements.

Painter-poet Jo Slade is a Limerick-based writer who studied at the Limerick National College of Art and Design. Her painting informs and colours her poetry and her work has been exhibited in both France and Ireland. Jo Slade’s collections of poetry include In Fields I Hear Them Sing (1989), The Vigilant One (1994) and Certain Octobers (1997), which featured English and French poetry. Her most recent collection is Cycles and Lost Monkeys.

Her work has been translated in French, Spanish, Romanian, Russian and Slovenian. One recent work features a sequence of poems about the Welsh artist Gwen John.

In total she has published six collections of poetry. Awards include the Michael Hartnett Poetry Prize 2014.